What Brought Me Back Outdoors After All these Years

Don’t worry, we’re back!

Hey guys! My name is Kristina and I’m going to be writing these blogs for you wonderful people to read! I’ve decided to take these posts in different direction than Nick did. They will still be about the outdoors, but tied with my own experiences, tips, and plans. Feel free to reach out on social media to us for ideas you would like to read about or even stories you have! I would be happy to share them and respond back!

So the summer has come to a sad pause and I was thinking to myself, “Why did I stop spending time outside?” When I was little I spent all of my time outside. No matter what season it was, I was always outside. It could be riding my bike after school, swimming in a pool, playing kickball with my friends, or sledding down the biggest hill in the development after a snowstorm. I cherished the days outside and dreaded the days stuck inside.

As I grew up I started to spend my time doing other things. Playing sports after school, hanging with friends at the mall or movies, and eventually getting a job. Majority of my time that I would spend outside shifted to time spent inside.

But what made me love being outdoors again happened within the last year. I started playing softball last summer. Something about being on softball field again with friends playing a game you once loved brings all those feelings back. I couldn’t get enough. I found myself at games every night (playing or not) hanging with friends, just being outside, enjoying every minute of it. And it didn’t stop there. Any nice day I was outside, whether it was playing/watching softball, baseball games, hiking with friends, going to the beach, bonfires at night, concerts, or going tubing down the river. I refused to stay inside. I found myself cherishing the days outside and dreading the days stuck inside all over again.

I realized that sitting on the back of a friends tailgate with my best friends watching softball on a beautiful, cool summer night is my happy place.

There is nothing better than being around friends, sharing laughs.

There is nothing better than enjoying a warm, summer day down the river just enjoying good music and food.

There is nothing better than going on a hike and looking a beautiful view.

There is nothing better than having a bonfire with all your best friends on a crisp summer night.

There is nothing better than just taking a minute and looking at the beautiful things in life.

Don’t sit around and miss out on the small things. Because those are the things that can create the biggest memories that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

Hope you guys enjoyed a little intro! Like mentioned, please reach out if you have a story or topic you want to talk about!

Till next time!

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