QuickFire (3 Piece Fire Bundle)

QuickFire (3 Piece Fire Bundle)

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This Bundle also Includes x1 Angled Wind Proof Butane Torch Lighter that is Refillable and Flame Adjustable.

Fire can be both a symbol of relaxing luxury and a necessary survival tool. Whether you need a flame for the fireplace or the frontier, Quickfire All-Purpose Fire Starters light your fire quickly and reliably.

Each sealed pouch contains paraffin wax formulated to light quickly under even the worst conditions. Simply place a Quickfire under your wood and light the corner of the pouch. As the wax burns, it produces robust flames for up to ten minutes, giving your logs plenty of time to catch fire.

The waterproof packs will ignite after a day of hiking in the rain and are non-toxic so you can also use them to heat up the coals at your next BBQ.

QuickFire Strike Master Emergency Waterproof Flint Fire Starter Gives you Over 10,000 Strikes & Sparks at Over 5,000 Degrees - This Magnesium Fire Starter is a Great Emergency Tool to Start your Fire in any Condition. Generates Sparks in Rain, Wind, and other Adverse Weather Conditions; Ignites a Wide Variety of Tinder Including Shaved QuickFire starter squares. Great Camp Fire Starter.