QuickSurvive® Strike Master

QuickSurvive® Strike Master

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Strike Master by QuickSurvive®

Never be caught in the cold: High quality all weather fire starting striker is windproof & weather resistant. Strike Master is a Compact, pocketable flint-based fire starter that is ideal for ultralight backpacking, camping, hunting, and more.

  • High visibility emergency case with detachable cap protects flint, prevents accidental or unintended sparks.
  • Generates sparks in rain, wind, and other adverse weather conditions; ignites a wide variety of tinder including shaved QuickSurvive starters. 
  • Backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • Weighs just 1 ounce; measures 3.1 x 0.75 x 0.4 inches

Why is a Strike Master Flint Starter one of the best survival tools to have in your bug out bag?

  • Lighters will eventually run out of fuel.
  • Matches can get wet and have limited uses.
  • Strike Master will keep starting fires up to 10,000 strikes.


    With an easy to grip lanyard and 3 inch fire rod, this is the perfect tool for children to learn fire flint striking. It's never too early to teach your kids about wilderness survival!


    Step 1. Take one QuickFire out of the pouch.

    Step 2. Shave about half of the cube of QuickSurvive into a small pile.

    Step 3. Point the Striker Rod at the shaved pile of QuickSurvive.

    Step 4. With Striker Rod in hand take the Striker and press firmly starting at the top of the Rod on a slight angle and strike down with force. Repeat steps until your tinder lights.

    Step 5. For best results use QuickSurvive Starters, however can also be used with any tinder.